Performance activities:


/ 2012 / 2n Encontre de Performance. Miguel Hernández University. Elx, Spain. Curated by Josep Sou. Culture and University Extension (SPA)

/ 2012 / RIAP (Rencontre Internationale d´art Performance). Le Lieu, Centre en Art Actuel. Québec, Canadá. Curated by Richard Martel (CA)

/ 2012 / Museumsnacht Performance Event, Galerie Kunstraum. Jena, Germany. Curated by Galerie Kunstraum (GER)

/ 2012 / The Second. Performance Festival Berlin, Germany. Curated by Irene Pascual & Johnny Amore, GlogauAir Artist in Residence Program (GER)

/ 2011 / "Fake Finns and Others Performance Event", Galleria Augusta in Suomenlinna. Helsinki, Finland. Curated by Willem Wilhelmus (FIN)

/ 2011 / Internationales Performance Art Festival, Performance laboratorium in Linz, Austria. Curated by Amel and Elisa Andessner, Sibylle Ettengruber (AT)

/ 2010 / Artevict Meeting in Hackney. London, England. Curated by Artevict Collective (UK)

/ 2010 / Performance Art in Brixton Rd, London (UK)

/ 2010 / Actualitas, Kunst vor Ort in Braunschweig, Germany. Curated by Performancegruppe HBK (GER)

/ 2010 / Aktionskunst. Multidisciplinary Event. Neuwerk, Burg Halle-Saale (GER)

/ 2010 / Aktionskunst. Reileck, Halle-Saale (GER)

/ 2009 / VI edition of Chámalle X in Vigo, Spain. Curated by Carlos Tejo (SPA)

/ 2009 / Action Art Workshop at Domplatz in Cologne (GER)

/ 2009 / International Performance Festival at Kunsthalle Fridericianum in Kassel, Germany. Curated by Kollektiv die Orbitale (GER)

/ 2009 / OCCC. Octubre Centre de Cultura Contemporánea. València, Spain. Curated by Sinberifora. Ciclo Art D´Acció (SPA)

/ 2009 / Performance at Graphic Design Week. Curated by Higher School of Art and Design. Castelló (SPA)

/ 2009 / Action Art Meeting in Russafa Gallery. Valencia (SPA)

/ 2008 / Action Art Meeting in Russafa Gallery. Valencia (SPA)

/ 2008 / ADA festival Internacional de Arte de Acción in Oporto-Valencia. Organization by ADA Collectiv (SPA)

/ 2008 / Action Art Meeting in Valencia. Valencia Bull Ring. Xàtiva street (SPA)

/ 2008 / Video-Performance. Spanish Contemporany Video Performance in Buenos Aires Exhibition Centre, Argentina. Curated by Carlos Tejo (ARG)

/ 2008 / Incubarte. Art Event in Valencia (SPA)

/ 2008 / Bilboarte. Art Event in Bilbao (SPA)

/ 2007 / Action Art Event. Radio City. Valencia (SPA)

/ 2007 / Performance in EACC about Ether Ferrer Workshop. Espai D´art Contemporani de Castelló. Castelló de la Plana (SPA)

/ 2007 / EACC. Espai D´art Contemporani de Castelló in Castelló de la Plana (SPA)

Other activities in Action Art:


/ 2011 / Lecture, Visiting Artist´s Talks: Graphic application for performance art, TEAK. Theater Academy Helsinki, Finland. Curated by Willem Wilhelmus and TEAK (FIN)

/ 2009 / Lecture, two expressions: Performance and Graphic Action. Graphic Design Week. Curated by Higher School of Art and Design of Castelló (SPA)

/ 2008 / Direction and production. Theoretical and pedagogical Performance Art document. From Concept to behavior. 35 min. Valencia-Madrid (SPA)



/ 2012-2013 / Master degree in Artistic Production. Specialization: Contemporary Thought and Visual Culture. Faculty of Fine Arts Universidad Politécnica de Valencia (SPA)

/ 2010-2012 / Postgraduate Studies in Graphic Techniques at the University of Art and Design “Burg Giebichenstein” Halle (GER)

/ 2005-2010 / Bachelor degree of Fine Arts at the Faculty Universidad Politécnica de Valencia (SPA)

/ 1998-2004 / Diplom. Graphic Design speciality. High School of Art and Design Castelló (SPA)

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